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9 Ways To Improve Yourself in 10 minutes or Less (Starting Today)

Our biggest fear and uncertainty is the future.

Many people fear to face the future because they are not optimistic about it.

The future can be transformed by us today, and the best time to transform and shape the future is now.

You can transform the future by cultivating certain habits into your daily activities.

This article, therefore, guides you on the best tips for self-growth and improve yourself.

1. Keep a Journal and Diary

Life is full of lessons and experiences. Some of these lessons should be preserved to help keep memory and shape our future. The best way to preserve these memories is to keep a diary. Filling up your diary will help you retain some good experiences and habits. It will also help you avoid the previous mistakes that landed you into trouble.

The future is majorly shaped by our fantasies, aspirations, and desires. Writing a letter to your future self will help guide you to the achievement of these desires. Continually updating and making changes to your future journal will help you achieve these goals eventually.

Improving yourself involves a lot of updates and corrections, and the best way to achieve this is to keep a diary or a journal.

2. Meditation

A peaceful mind is necessary for you to reach your best potential. Meditation is a time to calm your memory and reflect on the past and the future. Meditating for about 10 minutes daily will help your brain eliminate some of the emotional enemies you pile as you interact with various aspects of life.

Meditation should be done in the morning or in the evenings. Meditating in the morning will help your brain reflect on your day while putting aside the activities and challenges of the previous day. Meditating on the evening is essential for eliminating the negativities that you may have accumulated during the day.

A serene brain is one of the best tips for self-growth. You should strive to spare a minimum of 10 minutes daily to meditate in order to keep your brain healthy.

3. Fitness

One of the best tips for self-growth is to do exercises daily. Exercises have a lot of impacts on the body, such as building the body’s immunity. I am not recommending extreme exercises. Remember you got other activities to attend, so I recommend a 10 minutes intensive exercise.

The exercise can be in the form of yoga, a jog, sprinting. Sacrificing your 10 minutes to exercise daily can help you live longer and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. If you are not aware of the best exercise, you can check this link to guide you on the best exercises. Remember taking your dog for a walk is also part of an exercise and I recommend you do it in the evening.

4. Creative Thinking

To reach your best potential, you need to challenge your brain to embark on creative thinking. Creative thinking is transformative, goal-oriented, and is focused on finding an appropriate solution to a problem.

How can you think creatively?

  • You can brainstorm on the best way to transform the negative feedback you got in school or any activity you performed.
  • Focus on means to improve yourself and your weaknesses. We all have weaknesses that we can easily overcome by thinking creatively and transforming these weaknesses into strengths.
  • Thinking of a societal problem and how to solve them. Creative thinking sets you apart from others. Creative thinking will keep you positive as you undertake various activities regardless of the strains and challenges.
  • Smile, and be happy.
  • A common saying goes by smiling is a means to improve yourself and increase your life span. Many people are not aware of the impacts of smiling and have been missing a lot. How do you become happy and smile every time despite the challenges you go through? Smiling is the key to overcoming negativities. Strive and find positivity in every situation; all challenges should not make you frown. The best way to stay happy and to smile always is to show gratitude on every occasion. Being thankful is a means to spread your love to other people at the same time being happy. From today learn to say thank you on every occasion, whether good or bad.
  • Indulge yourself in your hobbies and group activities. These activities are bound to keep you happy always, regardless of the environment. What about a comedy or nice soothing music? Don’t frown anymore, overcome the negativities by smiling.
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5. Socialize

Friends and colleagues will always help you improve yourself. Human beings, by nature, are insufficient and need a compliment from friends or colleagues. Socializing will introduce to new information and techniques. Why don’t you start a routine of having a 10 minutes coffee session with a friend or a colleague daily?

These sessions will keep you happy at the same time boosting your skills.

When socializing, always be ready to learn and appreciate your colleagues’ perspective about some issues in life. Indulging yourself in group conversations will help you overcome your fears of public speaking and improve yourself and your communication skills.

I am not advising that you join a big gathering and start conversing, but why don’t you start by making some friends with benefits and spare them 10-minutes daily.

6. Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is a piece of necessary knowledge for everyone. I am not talking about the understanding of complex or company financial statements. Why don’t you learn and train yourself on the techniques of personal financial expenditures and savings?

Develop a budget and ensure you go through your daily expenditures. This will help you improve yourself by avoiding financial extravagance and saving for future projects.

7. Rise Early and Shine

The most productive time in the morning hours. Many CEOs and successful people in society admit to waking up before sunrise and planning for their day.

I know that taking a selfie or visiting social media at these times can be very tempting. Start your day with a plan, not social media. Waking up before sunrise will help you out of your comfort zone.

Ensure you have a proper sleep before you wake up. You can plan to sleep early so that you rise early.

8. Stay Focused

From now on, why don’t you consider to improve yourself by staying focused on every activity you partake. To ensure you stay focused, set a routine that you have to follow daily.

As you set your routine, remember to schedule some time for leisure and reflection. You can follow the 80/20 rule to set your routines.

Setting routines will help you overcome the greatest killer of dreams, am talking of procrastination. Stay true and respect your schedule and routines, and you will achieve your targets.

9. Overcome Fears and Weakness

To reach your best potential, you need to cast away your fears and weakness. Thinking of success and positivism will help you to overcome your fears and improve yourself.

Prepare to confront your fears from today and see your fears as a challenge, not as an inhibitor.


Improving yourself involve introducing a new habit into your activity. The best time to improve yourself is now.

Take action and practice these tips and evaluate yourself after about two months, and you will realize how much progress you have made in life.

Change is necessary, and now is the time.

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